Tutalo ~ The Watched

Sean McGinnis, creator of the new film The Watched just hit us up with Jetty Team Rider Dan Tutalo's part! Sean lives and works in Philadelphia and has been skating/filming for the past 16 years! Here's the cool part: Sean met Dan while filming "Feed The Fix" between 2005 & 2007. Tutalo and his boys asked that Sean bring them to some spots and they ended up at a 10-stair where, at the time, only ollies and kickflips had been executed. Dan impressed to say the least and you can watch that old session below! Sean barely knew Dan, but randomly called him a couple of years later to see if he'd be interested in filming for his next project, The Watched....and the rest is history as they have been spending many weekends meeting up in Philly, Jersey and NYC ever since! Without further ado, here is Team Rider Dan Tutalo's part in The Watched by Sean McGinnis. Note: Dan's last trick took 3 trips back and about 2 Mini DV tapes full of some of the worst slams that Sean has ever filmed. Hats off to Dan!

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