Zumiez! Zumiez! Zumiez!

We were thrilled when Zumiez called and ordered our gear, but we assumed an extremely small test run in one location. Soon after we shipped the gear to corporate, they asked us what 5 locations we wanted to spread the threads to! Now that is still a test considering that Zumiez has over 400 locations, but this is the cool part...We went to each location an introduced ourselves, told our story and all of the store managers were truly thrilled. We hooked up all of the employees with schwag and we're really feeling the stoke! Zumiez does a down right, phenomenal job with their staff - incredibly personable and knowledgeable people who really care about their customers....and everyone we met was so hyped on finally getting Jetty in! Byron & Mallory of the Atlantic City (The Walk) location even sent a photo to prove it!

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