Spring/Summer 2011 Coming Soon!

We've had an incredible (and hectic) couple of months producing the Jetty Spring/Summer 2011 line! We received and installed some new screen printing equipment right in the middle of our production window to make things around the warehouse more efficient! Currently, we are just about ready to ship to our retailers so you should see the brand new Jetty threads in stores during the first week of May. We've had a bunch of people pitch in and we greatly appreciate their helping hands: Ashley Shafto, Matt Higgins, Jimmy Cahill, Pat Harrington, Chris Scarpinato, Frank Ritacco & Jonathan Hoover just rolled in and helped out a ton...awesome! Let's not forget our employees either (Mike Eiche, Tony Coon, Tyler Thompson, Aja Gibson & Danny Morrin) who have taken extra special care in producing these 8,000 garments! We are ready for a great summer so stay tuned for our schedule of events! Check out some of the madness...

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