Mas Machotka

We can't say enough about the Machotka family...great people who have represented Jetty from day one! Sometimes, results and rankings go unnoticed, but we cannot let Bill & Pete's accomplishments in the 2010 contest season fall by the wayside. Jetty team rider Pete Machotka ranked 56th on the ASP Pro Junior tour, that is higher then any other surfer from New Jersey and it includes all of North America as well as Puerto Rico & Hawaii! In the ESA Central NJ District, father Bill Machotka managed first place in both Grandmasters (shortboard) & Legends (Longboard)! Bill & Pete volunteer a ton of time in helping to run ESA contests, the Belmar Pro & The Clam/Coquina Jams. Hats off to the Machotkas for all of their hard work, dedication and awesome contest results in 2010!

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