Welcome Jared Platt

We're pretty cautious when it comes to new markets, that's why we didn't rush into the MMA/UFC circuit like so many other brands in the surf/skate industry did. That said, we like to work with good people who represent Jetty in a positive light...enter Jared Platt. Jared is a down to earth dude who grew up with our shared love of board riding. Platt just happened to excel at wrestling to the point where he was ranked as high as 4th on the US Olympic ladder in Freestyle Wrestling. He has decided to take his skills into one of the fastest growing X-sports, mixed martial arts (MMA), where he has already been well-received due to his wrestling background. After training some fighters who have already made a name for themselves, Jared plans to hit the ring himself and is hopeful that he will hold a title sooner then later! Stay tuned as we support one young man's climb through the ranks of this new, exciting sport!

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