Clam & Coquina Jam Champs!

Randy, Luke, Todd & Josh Deb & Christina The 2009 Clam Jam went off in pretty rad conditions last Saturday, OCT 10th. Although the tide got a bit high and the clouds crept over us at times, we were blessed with clean, chest high+ waves and offshore winds. Congrats to the winners, Luke Reynolds & Randy Townsend who edged out Josh Law & Todd DeVito. Also pictured above, are Christina Claps & Debbie Green who took home the 1st ever Coquina Jam trophy! Thank you to all the surfers, sponsors, volunteers, friends and fam who helped carry on the tradition of this great event! Please stay tuned as we intend to have a follow-up event showcasing the talent & beauty of this event through the mediums of both photography and video...details to follow.

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