2018 Community Giving: $168,354.56

2018 Community Giving: $168,354.56

Wow!  Thanks to your support of our brand we were able to donate $168,354.56 during 2018!  Water has been such a huge part of our lives, and it provides us with so much, so we continually focus on helping people and improving the environment around COASTAL COMMUNITIES.  We're going to focus on OYSTERS in 2019 while continuing to service other human needs too.  Here's a quick breakdown of our accomplishments this past year, and we know that we can do even more to service the environment and the people that live on the coast in 2019!  Thank you so much to all of our sponsors and supporters, and we wish all of our friends and family a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

PEOPLE - $114,077.62 - Providing assistance for people in coastal communities whether they are dealing with Cancer, house fires or any sort of medical / less fortunate type issues.

ENVIRONMENTAL - $33,300.00 -  Our Oyster Recycling Program, grammar school Eco-trip and William Butler Park Pavilion.

EDUCATION - $10,673.24 - Our Future Leaders Entrepreneurship program, scholarships, Bridge Walk school donations, and more.

STORM RELIEF - $10,303.70 - Specific and immediate response work toward coastal communities in the Carolinas and Florida after Hurricanes Florence and Michael.


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