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Jetty would like to re-welcome Mel & Eric Magaziner to the Jetty Hall of Fam! Shortly after Hurricane Sandy, we unfortunately lost some web content, but are stoked today to announce that we have pages back up for two of our dear friends. Both of these guys, aside from being operating partners of three, and soon to be four, phenomenal restaurants, are heavily involved in and dedicated to the LBI Region community. They linked up with Jetty in our infancy and have helped us grow through events like the Clam & Coquina Jams, with unrivaled participation post-Sandy and most recently, with Jetty Hop Rock! The Magaziners are spending some well deserved time relaxing as a couple of their restaurants have closed for the season, but as close friends, we know that they are always busy! To top off the Holiday Season, Eric, who had some health issues for the past couple of years, is back in the water! Closing out 2013 with that news and the opening of the Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House are certainly reasons to pop some bubbly! Cheers to Mel & Eric, and a huge thank you for your friendship & partnership!

Hall of Fam pages: Mel Magaziner / Eric Magaziner

Check out their restaurants: Mud City Crab House, The Black Whale Bar & Fish House, Mud City Crab Cake Co. & Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House (coming soon / next door to Mud City)


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