Sandy Relief Project

As Hurricane Sandy approached the Jersey Shore, we knew that we would be springing into action in some way. Little did we know that the Superstorm would totally devastate our homes, most of New Jersey & beyond. Our plan of action, once we regained power, was to design a T-shirt and get it online so that we could immediately raise money for victims and first responders. We launched this project on Wednesday, October 31st, two days after the destruction. We’ve partnered with Waves For Water, an internationally recognized 501(C)3 with an amazing amount of experience and expertise in disaster relief. Together, we will all Unite & Rebuild our communities! We’d like to share with you what your amazing support has allowed us to accomplish in the wake of this historic and tragic time. Please click on each donation below to read about how we have converted your dollars into direct aid for those in need!

Jetty has currently donated $340,178.99