Viva la Gilly

Viva la Gilly

Above: Gilly prepares for his trip by Tim Torchia

“The best surf happened to be my first two days with surf heights in the double to triple overhead range from a good southerly angle.  Puerto is like a Monmouth County beach break just scaled way up. That canyon adds an x-factor to the size of waves when long period swell is hitting. It is a really special place, equal parts fear and excitement every time I go,” Mark Gilmartin told us on his recent trip to Mex.

Puerto Escondido is one of those places that will humble you, no matter your experience or talent. Open ocean swells traveling from the Southern Hemisphere meet dynamic bathymetry some ten miles off the coast with shallow ledges pushing swell into a deep trench and ultimately funneling it right at the famed beach at Zicatela, as tall as any ancient Mayan ruins. But unlike some of the world’s heavier breaks, Escondido is a beach break, adding a layer of unpredictability to the challenge.

“I try to get down to Puerto Escondido every May to enjoy a few weeks of solid surf and healthy living before the craziness of the summer grind begins back home,” said Jetty Ambassador Mark Gilmartin.

He’s made several springtime missions to this Mexican barrel and has experience to go with his respect for the place.

“I got a pretty good wave on my second day. Rding an 8'0, I got in relatively early and was able to set up what turned out to be a beautiful tube and getting spit out. One good wave in Puerto can leave you energized for a long time,” he added.

On this trip, Gilly made good use of the Skiff UV Hoodie and the Polywog hybrid shorts.

 “The Skiff is my daily shirt; keeps me protected from the sun and heat and I love the chest pocket for my phone, sunblock and some cash,” he reported back, “The Polywog lower leg zip pocket is great for traveling with a passport, phone, wallet etc. When I travel, I only wear shorts or pants with zip pockets, which gives me extra confidence that everything is safe."

Gilmartin notched numerous massive barrels. In fact, since joining the team of Jetty ambassadors, he’s been pushing the limits of his own line – first in heavy East Coast winter surf, then a strike mission to the Caribbean coast of Panama, and this most recent sojourn to mainland Mex. These next few weeks, he will be buckled down preparing for the busy season at Summertime Surf Camp, with that work ethic we respect so much.