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Jetty Team Rider Ben Raimo recently tested out our SS16 Oystershell boardies in Maui! Check out Ben's pure stoke as well as a few of his own words while he travels home to CA to catch the same swell! Heck of a rebound from a serious neck injury! Maui is always a tricky place to score waves. Sometimes you look at the forecast and see its going to be 14 feet @ 16 seconds and you get to Honolua Bay and its chest high with 100 guys out. The outer islands like Molokai can completely block swell. Other times the trade winds will come up out of no where and it will be completely blown out in minutes. The last thing that happens all the time is the swell picks up and the clean up sets start. When I say clean up sets I mean it goes from slightly over head to easily triple over head in a matter of a half hour. That's why I travel with a full quiver ranging from 5'9" - 6'8" in the car at all times, constantly analyze wind and swell charts, and I always try to know what's the best swell direction for the spot I am going to surf. ~ Words by Ben Raimo IMG_0150-blog IMG_0213-600 IMG_0313-blog IMG_0514-blog IMG_0119-blog IMG_0149-blog

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