Jetty Urchin (Intern) Call

Jetty Urchin (Intern) Call

Over the years we have had an undeniably awesome crew of Jetty Urchins (Interns)! It is that time of year again when we prepare to launch our Spring/Summer '14 line, market our warm-air events and dive head first into another Summer...and to do all of that we sure can use some extra hands! We've elevated our intern program this year and will be hiring the aspiring on a position-level basis. As we once just directed the herd, we will now pair up talented youngsters with Jetty execs and employees. You can check out more details about the available positions here and we hope to see you at the Jetty Warehouse for an interview soon!

Calling all Urchins: Check out the available positions for 2014!

Here is just a small sample of some of the wonderful kids who formerly were Jetty Urchins and are currently making us feel quite old! So cool to see them grow as people and professionals...

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994595_10151583154075264_204818532_n 546271_285214608228971_1070760978_n Crissy Cliff

Matt Cliff Dan Brown Tom Murtagh

Row 1: Kate Harrington, Stephen Smith, Dennis O'Connor Row 2: Lydia Owens, Dan Al-Daqa, Corey DeStefano Row 3: Kate Pryslak, Kevin Rauen, Christian Clifford Row 4: Matt Clifford, Dan Brown Row 5: Tom Murtagh

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