One Year: Heartbreak & Opportunity

It's unfathomable to most that 10/29/13 marks the one year anniversary of Super Storm Sandy. For the past 365 days, Sandy Relief has been a part of our personal & business lives here at Jetty. We can go through the laundry list of volunteers that have joined our movement, but they know who they are, and they have all acted selfless and from the bottom of their hearts. We were told that what took 6 hours to destroy would take 6 years to rebuild and we are committed to continuing our relief efforts through The Jetty Rock Foundation. Here's to Waves for Water, Home Depot, the volunteers, the donors, the new relationships and the outstanding effort put forth by the LBI-area community and beyond, Cheers, we're in a better place with so much opportunity...

Look back at how we helped since November 1, 2012

Read about and donate to our Jetty Rock Foundation to help continue our efforts

Check out Landfall: The Eyes of Sandy, our documentary about how the community came together Landfall DVDs & Blurays are available in our Online Store (to be restocked through the Holidays)

Read "A Year After Sandy, Figuring Out How To Help"


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