Funky Trio

A few nights ago, we cruised up the Garden State Parkway to meet Russ Iglay of Underdog in Belmar for a skate sesh. We don't get up there as often as we would like to, but every time we skate the bowl we say, "we have to do this once a week"! This trip included the usual, funky trio of Jetty Team Rider Chris Scarpinato, Jetty Hall of Fam'r Jon Coen & Russ Iglay of Underdog (a Jetty supported & legendary band). Although Jon & I are stoked on landing a few Backside 5-0's and early grabs, it's a pleasure to watch the other two rip (and whoever else is there...this time it was Will and young Curran Iglay)! Scarp, with a busted up knee, charged as usual and Russ pulled out a 70's board that most people would be scared to even drop in on! There's nothing better than this example of living the Jetty Life...friends, some good exercise, stoke and some good Mexican after the sesh!

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