Heart of Sales

My partner and co-owner of Jetty, Cory Higgins is a dear friend...we've been traveling and surfing together since 7th grade.  Now in our early 30's, we work around the clock in pursuit of free time to travel and surf whenever possible.  This drive and purpose are pillars upon which The Jetty Life stands....it's why we wake up at 5am to surf and why he, who manages all of Jetty's retail sales, travels madly up & down the East Coast to shake hands and kiss babies!  Here's a sequence Cor scored this past summer in Barnegat Light, NJ during a great evening session.  We had 2 skis in the water doing tow-ats, Randy Townsend was going off and John Clifford & The Jetty Urchins were all amping off of 2-3ft summer surf!  This is where the passion was lit nearly 20 years ago!  Way to go Cor!

Photo Credit: Randy Townsend

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