Up North Tour

Up North Tour

ESM just launched a great feature on Costa Rica, specifically up North where team rider Randy Townsend has spent several winters. Honestly, you cannot visit Playa Grande without noticing Townsend who surfs at such a high level within this crowded beach break. He speaks his Spanish well and has become an accepted part of the small town. With his wedding going off not even a month ago, many of his friends got to enjoy what he has so often bragged about back home. We had the pleasure of hanging and surfing with Randy, team rider Tyler Vaughan and friends Josh Law (young LBI standout) & Ryan Kelly (veteran LBI ripper/2010 Clam Jam runner-up). Tom Dugan & Dan Putnam of ESM experienced much of the same when they trekked up into town! Check out the Easternsurf.com feature here which includes photos of RT, Ty, Jlaw & Ryan!

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