Meet The Crew: Leah Kowalski

Meet The Crew: Leah Kowalski

Meet Leah, one of our Jetty Rock Foundation interns! Leah has been with us since the start of summer and she's been a true rockstar. When she's not working with us, you can find her writing new music or spending time her dog, Roxie. 

Check out her full interview and Day in the Life video below.

What are your day to day tasks?

Assisting Julia and Kyle in event planning, outreach tasks, and helping out with Follow the Shell Fridays at the Long Beach Township Field Station.

When did you start working at Jetty?

In May!


What's your favorite piece of Jetty clothing?

The shirt that says "Drink like a fish" on the back.

What's your favorite Jetty event? 

Littleneck Jam! After a crazy, exhausting day on the beach for Coquina, it was incredible to see all the kids getting out there and having the time of their lives.

What can we find you snacking on at work?

Probably clementines and a Monster Energy

What can we find you doing outside of work?

Playing music, being in the ocean, and hanging out with friends and family.

Where can we find you on a nice Summer day?

The beach, probably wherever my brother Gavin is guarding in Harvey Cedars.

Do you have any pets?

My dog Roxie!



What's your favorite travel spot outside of NJ?

Rincon, PR

How do you Draw Your Own Line?

I write music and try to be as creative as possible in all that I do.

Check out Leah's Day in the Life below! 




Meet our JRF intern, Leah! 🦪 🙌

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