RT & Musgnug taste the clam!

It took almost 2 months to get the 9th Annual Jetty Clam Jam underway, but it finally went down on 11/20, on an unprecedented Friday. The much talked about call was made on Thursday when it was deemed that Friday's waves would provide for the best contest. The event still drew 40 teams (80 surfers) and the swell held throughout the entire day with stiff NW winds. Even more importantly, the waves broke through the midday high tide and provided very contestable waves from dawn to dusk. When the bracket was dwindled down to only two teams, it was Jetty Team Rider / local professional Randy Townsend and his partner, Greg Musgnug, who topped Billy Webster & Ron Ferrara. Webster put on a display all day on his magic longboard, but when it was all said and done, Townsend's electric, vertical, and unmatched surfing was too much. One of the best things about the Jam is that is pairs a more experienced surfer with a younger one. Greg Musgnug had never participated in a Clam Jam and was entered into the bracket as an alternate on Thursday night! Ron Ferrara of the infamous #WardArmy surfed brilliantly all day to compliment Webster. The format truly provides for a balanced contest where any team has a chance to taste the proverbial Clam! We are so grateful for the sponsorship, participation, and volunteerism that makes the Jam one of the best days of the year!

Check out all of the details on the 9th Annual Jetty Clam Jam page


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