Save the Clock Tower

Jetty Team Rider Ronnie Gordon recently starred in a promo video for Collingswood, NJ's Back to the Future 30th Anniversary! Back to the Future Day will be held on October 21st at The Pop Shop and The Courier-Post and The Daily Journal are sponsoring an essay contest as well. We got a kick out of seeing Ronnie with Mayor Jim Maley, but on a serious note, Ron got hitched a few weekends ago ~ Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Gordon! FireShot Screen Capture #188 - 'Collingswood goes 'Back to the Future'' - www_courierpostonline_com_story_news_2015_10_05_collingswood-goes-back-future_73392708 12039737_10100538872911597_8623567036666929067_n

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