Jetty x Southern Regional

We are thrilled to announce a $25,000 donation to the Southern Regional Education Foundation! As graduates of our new neighbor (SRSD), we felt strongly about getting involved immediately with the art and business departments. We've already visited the Entrepreneurship class and 4 student teams will now embark on year-long branding projects! The modern media department (soon to be equipped with some updated technology) will be documenting the entire process as we guide the students, bring in distinguished speakers, and drive toward the actual, hands-on production of garments that the students create, market, and eventually sell. You can read the full press release below for details on how the Jetty team, Hop Sauce Festival, a host of community partners, and the Jetty Rock Foundation have brought this program to fruition. We cannot thank the Southern Regional Board of Education and staff enough for their blessing regarding this amazing opportunity!

Press Release: Jetty grows partnership with neighboring Southern Regional

IMG_7222 FullSizeRender_3 JRF Donation Flyer

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