A Jam for the Books!

Our 8th Annual Jetty Clam Jam went down this past Saturday, and boy did the weather and waves cooperate! Congrats to Jetty Team Rider Brian Bowker and Rick Huegi who battled their way through the 48 team bracket to claim the CJ trophy! Local shredders Pat "Surfcat" Emery & Greg Warren took 2nd place and were plenty stoked to make it to the final heat! Hundreds of people lined the beach to watch LBI-area surfers compete in head high, clean surf. It was truly another one for the books! Until we get the full spread of photos up (coming early this week), please enjoy this sample from Ann Coen Photography... beach scene bowker barrel Bowker thrash emery #2 emery Barrel flag Huch huegi jerm judges machotka barrel machotka thrash the scene unknown warren winners wionners profile shots

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