White Owls & Waves

White Owls & Waves

Jetty Hall of Famr's Jon & Ann Coen recently caught two different kinds of Long Beach Island beauty! Jon seemingly surfs more now then ever before and has submitted to the fact that there is fun to be had even on the smallest, coldest days. He & Jetty Hall of Fam'r Bill McLennan have surfed a ton since the season ended, and they were rewarded by trading bombs on November 27th! Ann Coen will wait for their annual Barbados trip to jump on a board, but has been snapping shots of some amazing snowy white owls. One shot made the cover of The Sandpaper, LBI's primary source of regional happenings! Someone whisper to those owls that they should bring 6-8ft perfect waves with offshore winds more often...

Surf photos also courtesy of Ann Coen Photography

IMG_9654 IMG_9680

FireShot Screen Capture #175 - 'News - Surf City, NJ - The SandPaper' - thesandpaper_villagesoup_com_eedition_view_6240

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