7th Annual Jetty Clam Jam


The 7th Annual Jetty Clam Jam is ON for Saturday, November 2, 2013! Surfers should arrive and check-in at Taylor Avenue (Beach Haven) at 7AM. Sponsors with tents/banners should arrive as early as possible. See you on the beach!

Clam Jam 2013 Bracket-blog That (add expletive of your choice) Sandy overshadowed our best Clam Jam to date last October, but after uniting & rebuilding our community, we are ready to celebrate the LBI post-season once again at the 7th Annual Jetty Clam Jam! The tradition continues this October 12th which marks the date that the window to hold the contest opens. The contest can be held any Saturday or Sunday thereafter which requires an epic amount of communication and organization. Invitations will be sent out during the first week of September. This year, the invite-only, local, team/bracket style surf contest will go down at Taylor Avenue in Beach Haven, NJ!


Jerm. What sponsorships are available. you know I always will do what I can.


BTW, give me a call when you get a chance.

Ed Kohlmeir / Sunset Harbour Realty

Hey Jerm or Corey
I would like to sponsor if you need them.
Bayside carpet Cleaning

Cayce Schied

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