Landfall: The Eyes of Sandy

Landfall: The Eyes of Sandy

Landfall Flyer Our world premiere of Landfall: The Eyes of Sandy is finally here! We'll be presenting two showings (3pm & 6pm) at The Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences on Sunday, June 16th! Prepare for some wine & cheese, rad auction items and a full-length documentary about how our community rallied to overcome a devastating and historic storm (and how we are continuing to do so)!

Tickets for both the 3pm & 6pm showings are available at

3pm Showing Ticket - 6pm Showing Ticket

You can also purchase a hard copy ticket at The Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences!

LANDFALL: The Eyes Of Sandy Official Trailer 2 from A.D. Pictures on Vimeo.


  • Cheryl -

    We will have those tickets up momentarily, thank you!

    jermdigga on

  • where do you purchase the tickets for the july 3 show?

    cheryl cochran on

  • When will the times be posted for June 28 and July 3 shows? As well as when will tickets be available online? Thanks!

    Holli on

  • Yes, Blu-ray pre-orders available at each showing.

    jermdigga on

  • Will the film be available on DVD?

    Mel on

  • Count us in!

    Kasey on

  • July 3rd tickets are available in our Online Store under accessories…

    jermdigga on

  • Yes, blu-ray DVD’s will be available for purchase in a few weeks, stay tuned!

    jermdigga on

  • Tickets are available in the online store and both shows are at 8pm.

    jermdigga on

  • Hey guys should we Che k site daily for July 3rd tickets or call Surflight?

    Mike & Patti on

  • Will a DVD be available to order online? We are not from the area and are unable to attend any of the showings.

    Polymissy on

  • Charles -

    The DVD has been available on our website under the accessories section of the Online Store, but sold out as of yesterday. The DVD will be restocked next week. The Bluray is currently available in the same section, thanks!


    jermdigga on

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