LBI Charging

To say that all of the LBI boys were charging during the last two, post-Sandy swells would be, well, just have a look! Jetty Team Rider Randy Townsend was home for the Holidays, local charge leader Conor Willem was tweaking, Brian Farias got a "little" redemption after sustaining damage to 5 properties and underground king Danny Mears was locked in...and these are just a few standouts that we snatched up photos of from Ann Coen, Chris Pfeil, Kyle Gronostajski, LJ Hepp & Jonathan Hoover. There's a lot of great footage floating around and there's even more to be said about the LBI-area community stepping up and banding together to Unite & Rebuild the place that we love!

The World as We Know It from Wrecking Crew videos on Vimeo.

December 27th Afternoon Session from Wrecking Crew videos on Vimeo.

by Pfeil - DEC 2012 by Hoover - DEC 2012 by Ann Coen FireShot Screen Capture #033 - 'GOOD TIDINGS' - www_easternsurf_com_index_php_option=com_k2&view=item&id=666_good-tidings&Itemid=109 by Kyle Gronostajski by Chris Pfeil - DEC 2012 by LJ Hepp DEC 27 - 2012

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