HOF: Skye Gibson

Today we induct Skye Gibson, one of the five original Jetty co-owners, into our Hall of Fam! Skye is a lifelong friend of ours and he was integral in helping to build our brand from 2003 to 2010. Gibson opened Inkgredient in 2008, an Eco-friendly, water-based screen printing company. He had some incredible foresight and we are thankful for the foundation he built for the business that we took over in 2010. Almost two years removed from Jetty, our good friend currently works as a Financial Planner for Merrill Lynch and has a beautiful wife and son. Aside from the great ride we had together at Jetty, we are almost more thankful that we never let business get between our friendships. Check out his Jetty Hall of Fam page here...and think about investing some money!

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