Dan P. is Out There!

It is a pleasure to have the multi-talented Dan Przygocki in our HQ on a weekly basis!  Dan works production for Jetty Ink, but when the waves turn up, then we turn him loose.  This past week proved to produce some very pretty photos from the lens of a guy who is not afraid to get out there in the middle of Winter! Jetty Ambassador Dave Werner Jetty Ambassador Pete Machotka Read More...

The Life of Riley: Part II

Above: RT attacking on a ridiculously small stick by Jersey Mike After days and days of tubes, more content is surfacing from Winter Storm Riley.  Jetty Captain  Randy Townsend played host to plenty of pros, friends and anyone else who braved the flooding, drift and morphing, Army Corp of Engineers-assisted waves.  This was a stretch of waves that the boys will be talking about for a long time, and it is best captured by the world traveling Trevor Murphy... Newmibia , New Jersey from Trevor Murphy on Vimeo.   Read More...

Snow Portals

Above: Owen O'donnell checking into a Jersey gem There is something special about that first seasonal surf, especially the sessions in the snow!  In colder regions like the Northeast, we all share that same chuckling response to the outsiders who proclaim, What do you mean you're going surfing?!  At the end of the day, getting tubed in freezing conditions certainly makes suiting up well worth it...!  A handful of seasonal joy by Sean Santiago Read More...

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