Miles in the Sky

Spending way too many miles in the sky crammed into those little seats is always worth it right?!  Jetty Ambassador Russ Griffin is one of the best dudes that we have ever traveled with and he recently aborted a SoCal mission to score in Central America.  As a blue collar officer of the law, Russ is really the epitome of the type of person that we aim to inspire, one who optimizes every opportunity to travel to do what they love, in this case it's snagging waves and spearing fish!  #DYOL Read More...

True Blue Navigatin'

Jetty Ambassador Russ Griffin recently took some time off from patrolling the streets to spend some time in the deep.  Russ prefers the underwater cowboy uniform as opposed to the one that he wears as an officer of the law, but hey, you have to put the work in if you want to Draw Your Own Line.  Leading up to shark week, best believe that this crew had only positive thoughts of diving and spearing fish in clear blue Mexican waters... Read More...

As Advertised

As a surfer, there are few things that are considered a bucket list must aside from following in the footsteps of Rick Cain to check out the North Shore, and the pilgrimage to Indonesia to spend a couple of weeks on a boat with your mates scoring uncrowded, perfect waves.  Like most people, life starts to get in the way, then debt and work, and before you know it you wake up and you're 37 and still haven't been on that one trip that has always lingered in the back of your mind.  So there comes a time where you... Read More...

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