Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

Photos courtesy of Robbie Vallad How could we neglect recapping one of the most creative East Coast surf contests, Logstradamus!?  Weeks back, VA Beach wave wizards including Jetty Ambassador John Streit enjoyed a freakish swell on their single fins.  We love the spirit of this event and thank our fine retailer Wave Riding Vehicles for hosting it! Check out more photos on ESM! Read More...

Hounding the Banks

Usually, when your buds take off to surf in boardies, you're sulking in their dusty trails, but that wasn't the case while Jetty Ambassador Dallas Tolson set off on DVO's annual team trip!  Meanwhile, back on the banks, Ambassador Shaun Devine enjoyed consecutive days off snatching waves and Puppy Drum, and fellow Ambassador Brian Bassett put the time in and snagged one that will dwell upstairs for quite some time! From top to bottom: Brian Bassett by Robbie Vallad, Dallas Tolson by Bob Hovey, & Shaun Devine ("selfies").   Read More...

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