Legends of the Jams

Bill Machotka & Randy Budd, our absolute rock star operators of the Clam & Coquina Jams, are hanging up their mics this year!  Make no doubt about it, we're sad, but these two professionals have put in more then their fair share of volunteer hours planning, organizing, setting up, running and breaking down our surf events.  We will forever be indebted to them for their service and contribution toward growing our community events!  As we approach our 12th Annual Coquina Jam, we'd love for some ladies to step up and volunteer!  If interested, please fill out the Coquina Jam Volunteer... Read More...

11th Annual Clam Jam review

Above: Preparing for the first heat by Shawn Casey  This was a funky year with a long wait during the Clam Jam window, but it finally went down on Sunday, November 19th!  A nearly full bracket of (93) LBI Region surfers competed all day in surf that ranged from 2-6 ft with strong offshore winds.  At the end of the day, Randy Townsend & Evan Zodl defeated Billy Webster & Conor Willem in a very close final.  Some of the best surfers rose to the top in challenging conditions while newcomers enjoyed their first time Jam experiences.  Check out the Press... Read More...

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