Catching Up

Above: Tim Daley landing Tuna back in SEPT There have been a lot of waves and a lot of fish caught on the East Coast this Fall!  Sometimes its a fresh meal, but most of the time we subscribe to catch and release (most definitely with sharks, for multiple reasons)!  Here's a quick rundown of what our Ambassadors have had on the end of their line over the past couple months... Logan Hayes releasing & praying for good karma Capt. Brian Williams landing 20 bass in 26 casts on a down day Ryan Leopold diving somewhere in the Chesapeake  ... Read More...

Travel & Teach

Surf photos courtesy of Kyle Gronostajski Jetty Ambassadors Dave Werner & Brian Coen spend plenty of time bestowing wisdom on our Future Leaders, and much of that comes from their travels and experiences.  Check out some serious slaying by both of these guys on recent trips to Mexico & Central America! Read More...

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