50 'till 50

Above: Owner Steve Carpitella off the top en route to a Clam Jam victory courtesy of Kyle Gronostajski The fine crew at Equity Prime has been supporting our brand and Foundation for years, but most recently we've launched $50 'till 50!  This giving campaign sends $50 from every renovation loan that they close to our Jetty Rock Foundation until the Atlantic reaches 50 degrees!  In the spirit of Drawing Your Own Line, you can now create your own space and contribute to the betterment of coastal communities at the same time! Read More...

Oyster Recycling Program PSA: Part IV

Above: Stockton University students travel to the oyster reef to do research Did you know that donating $1 equates to the filtering of 1 million gallons of water per year?!  We did all of the math for you as presented in this 4th and final installment of our Oyster Recycling Program PSA!  At the end of the day, our initiative puts shell back into the Barnegat Bay.  The shell creates a potential birthplace for millions of new oysters.  As we continue to monitor the research lease, we hope to build more oyster reefs which will lead to great results like... Read More...

Osyter Recycling Program PSA: Part II

Above: One of the few local oyster farms reviving the oyster culture (Forty North)  Last week we released Part I of our Oyster Recycling Program PSA, and now we're ready to share more about The Amazing Oyster!  The LBI Region was once a hub for oyster farming for the entire East Coast, but now the industry is a shell of its former self.  This segment of our PSA introduces a fact that isn't as widely known as you might think, oysters filter water.  Oyster spat also need a shell or hard surface to set on, but our Barnegat Bay is... Read More...

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