Stay Covered Up

Staying covered up will be key to easing back toward normal social conditions.  While we're working on restocking our gaiters, our Ambassadors have been keeping busy underwater and on top of it.  Ryan Leopold (rocking the Apex L/S Solar &  Mary Lee Snapback) wasn't within 20' of another diver while spearing Blackfish and Pete Machotka didn't come close to running anyone over in that backside sneaker! Read More...

Mad Props for Isolation

Jetty Ambassador Logan Hayes was isolating down in Texas recently where he landed a bucket list fish on a home-tied fly!  During round #1 he's rocking the Helmet Tee (above), one of our inside-out prints, and keeping the sun off of his face with our classic Otis Snapback (above).  For round #2 he's switched it up to our Beer Spear Tee and Carbon Snapback!  Mad props for getting outside, but staying isolated! Read More...

Hounding the Banks

Usually, when your buds take off to surf in boardies, you're sulking in their dusty trails, but that wasn't the case while Jetty Ambassador Dallas Tolson set off on DVO's annual team trip!  Meanwhile, back on the banks, Ambassador Shaun Devine enjoyed consecutive days off snatching waves and Puppy Drum, and fellow Ambassador Brian Bassett put the time in and snagged one that will dwell upstairs for quite some time! From top to bottom: Brian Bassett by Robbie Vallad, Dallas Tolson by Bob Hovey, & Shaun Devine ("selfies").   Read More...

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