Childhood Dreams

Jetty Ambassador Ben Raimo doesn't get to spend much time with his friends from Jersey nowadays.  In celebrating Jetty Captain Randy Townsend's 40th on a recent trip to Indo, Ben had the chance to surf and hang with some hometown boys.  It wasn't all glorious though, as Raimo readily admitted taking some beatings.  In his words, you gotta pay to play, but sharing waves with lifelong friend Danny Mears turned those posters on their bedroom walls into reality.  Pretty pictures and tubes coming at a costly price, but all worth it... Photos courtesy of Trevor Murphy      Read More...

Homemade Macaroni

Longtime Jetty Ambassador Jamie DeWitt is half way through a dream trip with her fam!  In today's Info Age we're actually able to have some communication, so although she is way off the beaten path, check out a few photos from her first week in paradise! Read More...

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