Hop Sauce #4 In the Books!

What an awesome day it was last Saturday in Beach Haven, NJ as we put on our 4th Annual Hop Sauce Festival!  Attendance was up, we launched our Jetty Session, the sun came out, the craft beer was flowing, and there was plenty of spice, local fare, and a wonderful music line-up to tie it all together!  We appreciate your support, whether you were a sponsor, volunteer, or just a fan, as this is our largest fundraiser for our Jetty Rock Foundation.  This year, we'll be donating to the Borough of Beach Haven to continue improving and beautifying their parks,... Read More...

3rd Annual Shellfish Soiree

The Long Beach Foundation of the Arts & Sciences (LBIF) will host its 3rd Annual Shellfish Soiree this Friday night (9/30) from 7-10pm.  We're stoked to support this Edu-taste-tional fundraiser which aligns beautifully with our Oyster Farmers film and Jetty Rocktail Oyster Crawl!  Come out to learn about (and eat) all of the shellfish that inhabit our surrounding waters...and try some Jetty Rocktail Sauce on them!   Read More...

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