Rock Pillars: Superhero Edition

We truly cannot thank our Jetty Rock Foundation donors enough! Even with a slow, freezing start to 2015, certain individuals have made it a point give back to our community through our 501(C)3 nonprofit. These guys would never ask for a blog post, or even to be mentioned for that matter, but their willingness and dedication simply has to be recognized. We are so appreciative that our friends have helped the Jetty Rock Foundation live on beyond Sandy, where it originally drew a majority of its funding. Give these guys a high five when you see them, buy them a drink, and follow their amazing example of community leadership & charity! What surfer stereotype...

Equity Prime Mortgage - Steve Carpitella Equity Prime has donated $25 for every loan closed to our Foundation (and has the same deal with David's Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation). They donated $775 in January and $1125 in February! Steve & Melissa recently spent time in CA for some amazing swell!


Whitesell Construction - Jamie Whitesell This perennial Clam Jam participant and sponsor has hit the Jetty Rock with a $500 private donation each year...and he rips!


The Law Office of William Wright - William Wright At this point we are hesitant to even ask this guy to sponsor our events...because he sponsors them all! From the Coquina & Clam Jam, to massive support for Hop Sauce, Bill is showing his daughter Noelle what giving back is all about. Bill & Jill even had friends and family bring donations to Baby No-No's recent birthday party in lieu of gifts!


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