8th Annual Clam Jam


The 8th Annual Jetty Clam Jam is on hold and will not take place on October 11 or 12. Please stay tuned to our Jetty Facebook page for future updates! We appreciate your patience and do our best to run the contest in favorable conditions.

Yes! Our 8th Annual Jetty Clam Jam is coming to Taylor Avenue in Beach Haven on October 11, 2014! The contest can take place on 10/11, 10/12 or any Saturday/Sunday thereafter -- Participating surfers, sponsors and staff have an incredible amount of flexibility, as we understand the high probability of a No Wave Date. Over 300 invites will be sent during the last week of August to LBI-area surfers and the first (96) paid entries will be entered. First-time, new surfers local to the LBI-area must be suggested by a current participant who is willing to vouch for their abilities in the water & who knows that they are surfing at a level worthy of the Jam’s competitive nature. This year we will continue to produce a fun, family-oriented surf event that celebrates our local surf & business culture after the close of another tourist season!

Sponsorship for the 8th Annual Jetty Clam Jam has been closed

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