HOF - Tony Coon

Tony Coon came to us in August 2010 looking for some work...he didn't know a thing about mixing ink or screen printing. Today, he is our #2 guy under the tutelage of Mike Eiche, our Production Manager @ Jetty Ink, our screen printing division. Why wouldn't we give a cool, local kid who loves skateboarding and seems to know everyone a shot?! Thankfully, for Jetty, things have worked out quite well. Tony prints a good amount of the water-based, screen printed garments that leave the Jetty warehouse. In addition, Tony loves to film and edit so when it was time to embark on a summer-long video project that he and head intern, Kevin Rauen, came up with, Tone was our man behind the lens! The Urchin Life was executed brilliantly as they filmed before, during and after working in the warehouse and put together a string of videos exemplifying what The Jetty Life is all about. Today we are proud to induct Mr. Coon into the Jetty Hall of Fam...he's an elite member of our tight-knit, warehouse crew! Check out his Jetty Hall of Fam page here!

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