Downtown Swingas

Sorry guys, I just couldn't hold onto this one any longer! In all honesty, both of these guys do a tremendous job for Jetty. Mike Eiche (right), our Production Manager, prints nearly every shirt that leaves our warehouse with a special eye for intricate detail. Kevin Rauen (left), our Head Jetty Urchin, has taken the reigns in year two of his internship by scheduling specialized missions for the other Urchins, orchestrating The Urchin Life video series and even detailing the Jetty Parks & Pizza Summer Skateboard Tour. We couldn't be more stoked about the leadership these guys have provided within the Jetty warehouse. We put in a ton of work, have a tight knit crew and never forget to have fun! Okay, enough accolades, and on with the caption contest! Fire away! We'll even send you a Jetty prize package if you come up with the most clever caption!

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