Jamie Dewitt-Battinger

We are thrilled to announce our new team rider, Jamie DeWitt-Battinger! Jamie is originally from Long Beach Island, NJ, but moved to San Diego for 3 years and has since relocated back to the East Coast. Jamie & her husband have been living on the Outer Banks since January of 2008 - "we decided to move back east, closer to our families. The OBX was a no-brainer for us; endless surfing and fishing plus affordable housing." In 2009, Jamie took first in the women's division at The Belmar PRO! Currently, she's competing in the ESA OBX district where she's won 3 women's events, made the open finals twice and most recently placed 2nd in the last contest (yes, beating the men)! Welcome aboard Jamie! Check out her new team page here and some photos of her shredding here!

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