Spencer’s Monster Plans

Jetty Team Rider Spencer Bridges just announced a new sponsor in Monster Energy! He has some monster travel plans too — Costa Rica (JAN) — Hawaii (FEB) — Australia (MAR) — sounds good, right!? Here’s Spencer’s latest video edit as well, finishing up the season on Nantucket…safe travels young man!

Out to Sea || Spencer Bridges from spencer bridges on Vimeo.


Alvare from Above

Jetty Team Rider Kyle Alvare reported some true blue bombs in South Florida last week! These well overhead walls might not look as large as they seem, but that’s because they were shot from the 15th floor of a beachfront highrise!



Good-win Timing

Jetty Team Rider Robbie Goodwin recently caught the best of both worlds, from Playa Hermosa, CR to Melbourne, FL! Young Robbie was clearly excelling in Central America under the tutelage of Frieda Zamba. Even better, he made it back to the States just in time for the tail end of the Winter Storm Damon swell!



Ex Girl to the Next Girl

The Thanksgiving Day swell of 2014 was something to revel in for North Easterners, but more weather looks to bring a new barrage of waves, content and stories over the next few days. As we wait for the wind, rain and currents to calm down, here’s a look back at Jetty Team Rider Pete Machotka from late November as well as a few shots from Jetty contributor Ryan Johnson

Pete Machotka by Bill Machotka

2014-11-1 Surf_0065-600

2014-11-1 Surf_0015-600

Ryan Johnson Photography



Werner by Eric Hance

Check out the first of many photos from the back-to-back swells that we had leading up to and on Turkey Day! This first helping is courtesy of the talented Eric Hance who caught Jetty Team Rider Dave Werner feeding on big bottom turns and savory barrels!



Canals Engaged!

Jetty Team Rider Gabby Canals recently got engaged to his sweetheart Hailey! Since Canals joined our family this Fall, he has been quite impressive, and just as much in the water as out of it (we’re sure Hailey agrees)! We’re stoked for our PR ripper who is home for the Winter and making the most of every day, congrats!



lip 3



Jetty Team Rider John Streit caught some Carolina swell during the East Coast’s most recent cold front. With air temps in the 30’s, and the water still in the 60’s, it was quite the surreal session, but the best part may have been the sunset which closed out a fun day. Enjoy a quick series of photos from 11/18/14 courtesy of Colin Breland!