The Island Breeze

Jetty Team Rider Kai Wescoat landed the cover of The Island Breeze this month! Kai is stoked to be finishing up school as those summer days filled with plenty of surf and skate are right around the corner!


Trav Grant wins OC1 Solo!

Jetty Mate Travis Grant jumped a life hurdle recently by winning the Kona Brew Molokai OC1 World Championship! Trav has the utmost respect for the Tahitians who rule the canoe paddling world. Good on ya mate!



NJ Surfing HOF

We’re proud to support the NJ Surfing Hall of Fame! We recently printed some Tees for the organization and donated back $3/shirt. They saw off The Endless Summer exhibit at the Tuckerton Seaport last Friday and are now gearing up for their 1st Annual Surfer’s Gala at The Anchor’s Bend in Asbury Park, NJ on June 11th. The tees will be available at the event and word has it that we are a finalist for their Legacy Award!

Buy tickets for the 1st Annual Surfer’s Gala event here!

Front1 Back1

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Mother Ocean

Jetty Team Rider Chris Mansor thanks Mother Ocean every day. Here’s a shot of him climbing into the weekend as we all sent additional thanks to our Moms who drove us to the beach countless times and trusted us while we traveled!


Buxton Breeding Grounds

Jetty super grom Kai Wescoat is gearing up for another ESA season on the Outer Banks! After getting bumped early last weekend in the Regionals, Kai wasted no time getting into the water for a dawn patrol session before school. We hope he rocks his new Melted Jetty tee to the Pennywise show in VA Beach this weekend!

Kai Wescoat by Daniel Pullen Photography


Couples Therapy

Jetty Team Rider Dennis O’Connor reported good results from buying his wife a new camera! We’re looking for even better results when he mans up and purchases her the lens!


cutback crop


Portugal Prep

Jetty Team Rider Gaby Canals is gearing up for a trip to Portugal! Photogs Darren Muschett and Jowey Lu supplied these recent photos from Puerto Rico which sort of serve as Gaby’s annual (yet temporary) farewell as he will be Stateside for the Summer after this trip!