A Quick Stab

Not quite two weeks ago Malibu was on fire, and Jetty Team Rider Chris Taverner was on it! We didn’t want to miss this Stab Magazine Insta post courtesy of Jason Keller Photo!

stab mag insta

Coastal Jealousy

We all have friends who travel and post great surf photos while we pray for the next swell. Jetty Team Rider Danny Hart just seems to get waves all of the time! Check out a few recent sessions of the Danimal Attack!




Blue Collar Scholar Pro

Jetty Team Rider Tim Daley has an awesome write-up in the most recent issue of ESM! With words by Jetty Hall of Fam’r Jon Coen, this read (Page 56) will quickly hit the nail on the proverbial head in terms of professionalism, community, and East Coast surfing!

FireShot Screen Capture #148 - 'ISSUU - Eastern Surf Magazine Issue 186 by Eastern Surf Magazine' - issuu_com_eastern-surf-magazine_docs_esm186_e=6936065_14190130

Smiles for Miles

Jetty Team Rider Chris Mansor has a darn swell life on the West Coast, just follow his Insta to see the goodness! It looks like he has been enjoying some July swell out there too…!

FireShot Screen Capture #145 - '11745951_1112034052144243_5850930993494610116_n_jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 640 pixels)' - scontent-lga1-1_xx_fbcdn_net_hphotos-xtf1_v_t1_0-9_11745951_1112034052144243_58509309934

FireShot Screen Capture #144 - '11017017_1111806628833652_6970736425090581835_n_jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 640 pixels)' - scontent-lga1-1_xx_fbcdn_net_hphotos-xfp1_v_t1_0-9_11017017_1111806628833652_69707364250

Lobster Pots

Jetty Team Rider Spencer Bridges came by the new Jetty HQ / Flagship Store last week to give us a travel update and check out our new digs! It is rumored that Spence was the first East Coast’r to make the NSSA Short Board Finals! With CA & a wonderful Ireland trip behind him, he’s going to settle into Nantucket for the remainder of the Summer. Here’s a shot of Bridges tucking in amongst the lobster pots courtesy of Gary Kohner (Nantucket Island Surf School).


Work Hard, Play Hard

Jetty Team Riders Randy Townsend & Pete Machotka connect on several levels on LBI’s North end. Machotka has moved on from guarding under Captain Townsend, but they both live on Long Beach Island, and favor spots in front of photog Thomas Larney‘s lens!

Pete Wedged Jetty

Randal Check Jetty

C&C Pop’s Day Rewind

Jetty Team Rider Jamie Contreras prefers the longboard, but not solely on those small, Summer days. Here’s a throwback to Father’s Day when the Northeast saw a bump and Bri Coleman was behind the lens. Jamie likes surfing, cars, and his independence…Happy 4th of July!