“Dancehall Days” by The Beautiful Girls

We’re always stoked when we can share some new music from other parts of the globe, and this week is no different with the return of Sydney’s The Beautiful Girls. After taking a brief hiatus, frontman Mat McHugh and crew return with the latest addition to their catalog called Dancehall Days. The first single of the same name is a super fun pop tune with touches of reggae over top, and needless to say is a bittersweet reminder that we’ve got quite a long way to go before getting back to summertime. Add three track suits, a boom box, and a whole lotta breakdancing with a well shot video and you’ve got yourself an all around good time. Catch Dancehall Days here and while you’re at it pick up the new album (currently available in the U.S. via iTunes)!

“Coulda Been My Love” by Foxygen

It could be that we’re just suckers for modern takes at classic sounds, or that Foxygen keeps getting better with time — or both. Either way, we’re stoked to feature new music from their third album, …And Star Power, an epic (weighing in at 20+ tracks) collection of songs that proves the West Coast psych-rockers have staying power. Their video for the little ditty Coulda Been My Love was released last week, and is worth setting to repeat. Check it out!

“The Singer” by Ty Segall

This week we’re featuring new music from Ty Segall! Manipulator, his seventh studio album, released at the end of August, took 14 months to complete, much longer than any previous release. Not only is it his longest album to date with nearly an hour’s worth of music, it’s also Segall’s first double LP, and the first to integrate some psych music. We’re stoked to be sharing the video for his single, The Singer, whose concept is perfectly timed for Halloween season. Check it out here!

“Creeping Up Appearances” by Little Comets

We are incredibly pumped to announce our newest sponsored band, Little Comets! Check out their official page on as well as Creeping Up Appearances from The Sanguine EP!

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“Flying Golem” by Wand

This week we’re featuring Wand, the Los Angeles-based four-piece comprised of Cory Hanson (vocals, guitar, synth), Evan Burrows (drums), Daniel Martens (guitar), and Lee Landey (bass). When you hear the heavy crashes, punchy drum hits, and energetic guitar-driven melody of the song Flying Golem, you can’t help but lose yourself a bit in their sun-fried pop song. Their debut album, Ganglion Reef, is out now on God? Records. An absolute must listen, check out the awesomely trippy new video here!

“Class Historian” by BRONCHO

This week we’re featuring BRONCHO! Their latest record, Just Enough Hip To Be Woman, is a bold step forward since their last release, as the production and energy of the record moves into a more new wave direction. The album’s first single, Class Historian with its catchy do do do do refrain is the kind of song that buries itself in your head. Fall may be here, but it’s still warm enough to drive with your windows open, while cranking the volume on the stereo. Check out the video here!

“Say My Name” (feat. Zyra) by ODESZA

As we try to fight off the fast approaching end of our beloved summer, we’re keeping the party going to the very end by featuring new music from electronic duo, ODESZA. Formed by Western Washington University students, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, ODESZA’s new record In Return sets the stage for those final road trips and house parties of the warm season. The album is an awesome collection of vibey tunes with a slew of guest vocalists. You’ll be hearing a lot of these guys over the next year, especially on the festival circuit next summer. Until then, try and get tickets to their tour if you can — shows are selling out as we speak. Watch as real life and fiction cross paths in their video, Say My Name (feat. Zyra)!