‘Me, Liquor & God” by Night Beds

This week we’re featuring new music from Night Beds, the project of Nashville-based artist, Winston Yellen. For fans who know his trademark style from the record Country Sleep, it’s still very much intact, though less folky. With his new single, Me, Liquor & God, Yellen gives us a more adventurous listening experience with an obvious electronic nod. A perfect intro to his next record, it’s three and half minutes well spent. Check it out!

“push pull” by Purity Ring

Purity Ring is back! (Well sorta.) The Canadian duo just released an awesome new single, push pull that we’re stoked to share with you. Though it’s slightly more polished sonically, the track easily manages to carry the torch forward from their first record, Shrines. Check out the song, which is accompanied by a hypnotic visual of a floating girl, and expect their sophomore record out in 2015.

“Tropical Oceans” by D.D. Dumbo

This week we’re bringing you music from Australia’s D.D. Dumbo! Describing his body of work as earthy blues, his music is haunting alt-folk that blends worldly influences from places like Africa with a touch of what one might describe as Jeff Buckley-esque vocals. There’s not much music available (for now), but seeing as he is signed to influential label, 4AD, listeners should expect an epic album of songs in the near future. Check out the title track from his current EP, Tropical Oceans!

“Lonely Richard” by Amen Dunes

Meet Damon McMahon and his project, Amen Dunes! This past year McMahon released his most ambitious album to date, Love. Influenced by greats like Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, and Leon Thomas, it’s a collection of songs about time, love and memory, and was created to equally satisfy McMahon’s audience as much as himself, the artist. Even though the album’s single Lonely Richard was released early this year as a sample of what was to come on his latest record, the wait for the single’s video has been absolutely worth it. Like a good movie montage, moments captured from the woods, a street fair, the projects, and New York City all add to a beautiful and psychedelic character portrait of the singer and songwriter, and most importantly support his haunting tune. Check it out here!

“Exit Only” by Deerhoof

This week Music Monday gets awesomely weird with Deerhoof! The band is celebrating their twenty-year history with the help of critically-acclaimed actor Michael Shannon who faces off with none other than critically-acclaimed actor Michael Shannon in their video for Exit Only, See which Michael survives before you listen to the rest of the new album, La Isla Bonita, out now!

“Palace” by Wild Beasts

This week we’re featuring music from Wild Beasts! Following a lengthy period supporting their last record, the Kendal, England quartet decided to take a break from working with their long-time producer, opting to work with a fresh set of ears. They released their fourth record, Present Tense, last winter to critical and fan acclaim, and are now nearly a year into promoting it. Their newest single, Palace, with its haunting melody and subtle beat is paired with a video that’s intended to seem like a psychological experiment for not only viewers, but the band as well. The members had no idea what they would be seeing until it was revealed to them on set with their reactions filmed totally in the moment. The payoff is a finished work that is as beautiful as it is odd. Check out their video for Palace!

“Making Breakfast” by Twin Peaks

We’ve been hearing a lot about Chicago’s Twin Peaks since the release of their album, Wild Onion, this past August. With a new video released a couple weeks back, we’re happy to admit we are a bit overdue to share another awesome band we’re diggin’ at the moment. Check out their all-too-quick, but totally feel good single, Making Breakfast!