“Fixations” by Gardens & Villa

Gardens & Villa are back doing what they do best with their latest record, Music For Dogs! The album is deeply personal, poking, prodding, and even strangely celebrates the zeitgeist of music commerce, pleasure culture, technological advances and the new home they’ve found in Los Angeles. Check out the super cool (and slightly NSFW) video for the single, Fixations, and see them live before their tour wraps up this October!

“Turnstile” by Lionlimb

This week we’re featuring another new band on the rise, Lionlimb! Using jazz elements and Bowie-esque guitar arrangements, the band’s music transports you back to an era when vinyl was in its heyday, while still managing to feel like it’s a psych-rock record made for 2015. Lionlimb hits the road this week with Whitney, stopping in cities like Nashville and Philly. Check out the single Turnstile!

“Dream Date” by Salad Boys

This week, we’re featuring Salad Boys who hail from the other side of the planet — New Zealand! Formed at the end of 2012, the band’s name comes from a misheard line in the second verse of The Feelies song Fa Cé La – a joke name that they had assumed they’d change eventually, but obviously have yet to do. The band embodies the Jetty mantra of Draw Your Own Line, finding joy and inspiration in playing DIY spaces and house parties. That spirit combined with their dizzying live intensity brings an underlying urgency to both the rocking & mellow tunes on their new album Metalmania, which drops September 18th via Trouble In Mind. Check out the video for their single Dream Date and catch them live as they tour the US for the first time this Fall!

“Boy’s Life” by Small Black

Small Black‘s upcoming album, Best Blues, is due out October 16th. The Brooklyn quartet’s third full length was written and recorded at their home studio, nicknamed 222, and showcases a mature band still evolving, and embracing the unpredictable. Get stoked about Small Black’s new record with their new single Boys Life before they hit the road this October!

“Gone” by JR JR

Bands change their names all the time, but often enough that comes with a new musical direction and even a lineup change. For Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., it simply means dropping the Dale Earnhardt part of the name for just JR JR, bringing some of the confusion between them and the NASCAR driver to a more manageable level. Regardless of the name change, the Detroit indie rock duo is sure to keep adding followers to their growing fan base, especially with a new self-titled album coming out September 25th via Warner Bros. Check out their new, feel-good single Gone for a taste of what’s to come from JR JR!

“Cough It Out” by The Front Bottoms

This week we’re bringing you something awesomely homegrown from New Jersey’s, The Front Bottoms. After releasing just two albums on Bar/None Records, they’ve now joined forces with Fueled By Ramen, which can only mean one thing — a new record should be coming our way soon! Check out their recent video for Cough It Out, which definitely shows off their folkier side!

“Fallin 4 U” by Part Time

This week we’re featuring Part Time! The band’s new Burger Records’ release, Virgo’s Maze, is a double LP full of scratches and home recordings spanning the last five years. The collection was recorded in and between Los Angeles, San Francisco and El Paso with the band’s mastermind David Loca playing all the instruments with the exception of five of the songs where some friends helped out on drums and bass. It also represents the first time Loca has had complete creative control over an entire album. Check out the lead single, Fallin’ 4 U!