Oladipo by Dennis Williford

Jetty Team Rider Clement Oladipo just hit us with a recent photo courtesy of Dennis Williford. You can expect more colorful content from Clement soon as he rolls through the streets of the Empire State.

by Dennis Williford-600

Ryan Halbe

Here’s a shout out to Atlantic City shredder/photog Ryan Halbe who will now be working with Jetty! Ryan has a unique skating style and also the innate ability to capture people shredding the AC, NJ area both in and out of the water. Check out some of his recent shots including a few of Jetty Team Rider Joel Morgenweck. We’re sure that Halbe’s watermark will end up on some Jetty marketing materials in the near future!







Marrone Ramped Up

Jetty Team Rider Joey Marrone recently checked in with some photos courtesy of Nick Stanley. Joey is pretty hyped coming off of his first print ad appearance so stay tuned for plenty of Fall missions like this one!






Welcome Jonas Richter

We’re stoked to add Jonas Richter to our family of X-team Riders! You can catch Jonas bombing down something undeniably terrifying on his board as we were introduced to at the 1st Annual Philly Longboard Weekend this past Spring. He keeps a home base in Brazil, but travels quite a bit to compete and spread good vibes. In supporting another solid individual, we urge you all to check out his Official Team Rider page! Welcome aboard bud!


Lingelbach’s Flight Home

Josh Lingelbach returned to the States yesterday just in time to get back to school. Before he left Panama, he was able to get up with photog Riki Gutierrez to score this rad shot! Welcome home Josh!

last panama photo

Another Summer in the Books

For Jetty Team Rider Ronnie Gordon, a seasonal routine means instructing year-round. Ron recently finished up another Summer at Woodward East and is thankful for all of his friends that passed through! Now, another school year starts for him, but that doesn’t mean that the skateboarding stops! Check out his 2014 Woodward edit…

Morgenweck is Clearly Faded

Jetty Team Rider Joel Morgenweck recently landed a video on Hellaclips! Joel has been on the proverbial killing spree…he’s Clearly Faded and clearly rocking a ton of Jetty gear throughout this barrage of clips from 2014! In the words of Johnny Blaze, say it with us, do what you like, just spell my name rightM-O-R-G-E-N-W-E-C-K!