Melon by Halbe

Jetty Team Rider Joel Morgenweck just checked in with a photo courtesy of Ryan Halbe. We all get the nice perspective of the Melon Grab by Joel rocking the Miami Vice hat…while that dude waiting for his ride enjoys the other side!

by Halbe - Melon Grab

Joey’s First Focus

Jetty Team Rider Joey Marrone recently landed his first Jetty print ad in Focus Skateboarding Mag! Joey has been pushing his skating and Ben Hull nailed a couple of ad-worthy shots for us! We’re pumped for the youngster to receive a box full of this issue in print once it drops!


Mas Lingelbach

Jetty Team Rider Josh Lingelbach recently checked in with some happenings down in Panama! Josh and the gang met up with some like-minded peeps in Santa Catalina to help construct a rancho and have been visiting plenty of schools to spread the good word. Between Chiriqui and Volcan, Josh was able to skate a bit too…enjoy the photo update below!

image_1 (2) image (4)

image_4 (2) image_3 (2)

image_1 (3) image_5 (2)

Chuck Treece Drumskull

Jetty-supported Musician/Skateboarder/Icon Chuck Treece has a new deck out via Pocket Pistols Skateboards! Check out the Drumskull 8.5 here! Chuck is always on the go and stoking out the next generation, here’s a recent photo of such from the Dew Tour!



Scarp Tail Tap

If you know the spot, then you’ll respect this tail tap from Jetty Team Rider Chris Scarpinato. Scarp works his tail off during the tourist season shaping Alaias, fixing dings and doing every little job in between that a surf/skate shop calls for. He always finds time to skate and we’re confident that he’ll hit us with a Focus-worthy ad shot soon (not that this one isn’t)!


Marrone honing in…

Jetty Team Rider Joey Marrone is looking to score our next Focus Skateboarding Magazine ad! He’s been honed in and skating nonstop so here’s another teaser shot courtesy of Ben Hull. We’re looking forward to seeing this rider/photog connection in print very soon!

by Ben Hull 3

Doggybags by Velez

Jetty amigo Matt Velez has been putting out a series of raw skate vids under the name Doggybag. Jetty Team Rider Dan Tutalo makes appearances in Doggybag2 & Doggybag5 below…just a good ol’ fashioned, fun look at friends skating from a behind-the-scenes perspective. You can check out all of Matt’s videos here.