Jetty Team Rider Dave Werner recently struck out on a tuna trip, but still caught some Tilefish! Occasionally, you’ll see Tilefish as a special amongst the other popular East Coast seafood entrees…thanks to Dave, now we know what we’re ordering!

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Grant 5th @ Ultimate SUP Showdown

Despite starting in the second start line, Travis Grant battled back to take 5th place at the Ultimate SUP Showdown! You can check out a complete rundown of Honolua Surf Co.’s event which was nationally televised this past weekend at Next up, Trav will be at Gorge Performance for The Perfect Stroke Workshop. Learn some technique from one of the best and check out his next event, the 2014 Columbia Gorge Challenge in Hood River!



HOF: Joe Belsh

Today we are welcoming Joe Belsh to our Jetty Hall of Fam! Joe is one of many that we became close with throughout the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, but one who stands out due to his expertise, business savvy and brilliance! From curating the soundtrack to our Landfall: The Eyes of Sandy film, to exploring new revenue streams, Joe has become a fixture within our family. You can read about his accomplishments as well as how he became involved with our brand on his Official Jetty Hall of Fam page!

Joe has helped enormously with a handfull of Jetty events. Check out our next Draw Your Own Line original music event at The Sea Shell Resort & Beach Club on Friday, August 22nd ~ more info here!


Shallow Town Live by Zeeg

Jetty-supported BOYTOY will be opening up next Friday night at our Draw Your Own Line original music event at The Sea Shell Resort & Beach Club. Here, we rewind back to earlier this year when they performed live at SXSW in Austin, TX. Jetty Hall of Fam’r Nick Zegel happened to be there as well thus producing the short video below! Word has it that Nick has a T in our SS15 line…we’re excited to see all of these guys this month!

The Hydro Pro: Jonas Richter

We’re truly stoked on this video of Jonas Richter drawing his own line down some serious vert! We met Jonas last Spring during Philly Longboard Weekend and you can expect his Jetty X-man Athlete Page to arrive very soon! Enjoy Those Days as Jonas kills it on his Bustin Boards Hydro Pro Model!

Travis Grant: Extended Fam

Last Sunday, Jetty Mate Travis Grant claimed 2nd at the 2014 Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships! Trav posted an impressive time while defending his title, but Connor Baxter set a new record time and just outlasted him. We’re stoked on Grant’s efforts in Hawaii, both on and off of his boards, and revel in the time that we were able to spend with him when he was on the East Coast a little over a month ago, good on ya mate!



Welcome Trevor Ritland

We’d like to officially welcome another Jetty X-man to our family in Trevor Ritland! Trevor wrote us a very inspiring cover letter when he was interested in gaining support from Jetty, and to be honest, it is the best that we have received to date! This young man is fueled by passion and always planning out his next adventure. Most of his time is spent climbing and Drawing his Own Line vertically on treacherous rock faces, but don’t be surprised if you see him in a canoe an arms-length from a FL gator! As we’ve grown as individuals, a family and a brand, we’ve realized that we are all passionate about many things…Trevor embraces the energy of a true adventurer and designs his life around those experiences, exactly what we set out to inspire others to do since 2003!

Check out Trevor’s Official Jetty X-man Team Page