Transworld Biz Love

We recently made the Transworld Business review of September’s Surf Expo in Orlando, FL! Jetty Partner/CMO Cory Higgins, John Streit (Team Rider / VA-NC Sales Rep), and Janean Harvey (In-House Sales/Support) reported back that it was one of our most busy shows to date! We’re stoked to bring the world our Spring/Summer ’16 line this March!


One Summer In Jersey

One Summer in Jersey follows sponsored surfers living in Long Beach Island, NJ, two of which happen to be long time Jetty Team Riders. Check out the teaser for Tom Larney’s latest project…

“Sun’s Coming Down” by Ought

Ready those hoodies and flannels — by this time next week, it’ll be officially Fall. To send us off into the home stretch of mere months before those bleak days of winter re-enter our lives, we’ve got new music from Montreal’s Ought. Check out the new video for their vibrantly raw single Sun’s Coming Down off their new album of almost the same name, Sun Coming Down!

Pray 4 Platt

Jared Platt is probably our most interesting brand ambassador, and now he needs your help! Jared is in Stage 4 and battling an unknown cancer ~ there are up-to-date details regarding his fight with this terrible disease on the Jared Platt’s Medical Fund Go Fund Me page which we urge you to check out and support. We have never known this man to be anything except family-oriented, energetic, and filled with positivity ~ please show him and his family support!


El Ultimo Dia

Vladimir Rios caught Jetty Team Rider Josh Lingelbach‘s last Backside Flip before he returned to the States…