Fiji Pro Live on!

In partnership with the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), Jetty is proud to present the 2014 Fiji Pro, LIVE on! If the contest is ON, then it’ll be streaming LIVE on our homepage! It looks like Day 1 of the Mens contest will begin at 6:30pm EST on June 2nd. Stay tuned in as the contest progresses, we’ll have all of the action for you — Don’t forget to tweet and hashtag to let the ASP know where you are watching the contest!


“Airplane” by The Underwater Sounds

Here’s one last Hop Sauce 2014 mention before we start dreaming up next year’s lineup. We want to send a special thank you to Sonni Shine for agreeing to do a second, last minute set in front of our awesome crowd. It’s never easy to hop into the middle of a lineup of bands and hold things down with just a voice and guitar, but she did just fine. Check out Airplane by Sonni and her band The Underwater Sounds!

Taverner to the Maxx

Jetty West Coast Team Rider Chris Taverner recently resurfaced with a couple of photos compliments of Maxx Buchanan! Chris has had a busy school year, but was stoked to be able to shoot with Maxx around Ventura, CA during a couple of sessions!



Class in Session

Jetty Team Rider Josh Lingelbach has started DTS (Discipleship Training School) down in Panama! Josh is hyped on learning everything about leadership, especially when it is coming from the likes of Shaun Hover (Untitled Skateboards) who was down to teach recently. Josh is as pumped on bible study as he is on this front crook fakie!

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