Regular Kids

Check out this well done Pulsar + Rolling Stone feature on The Gaslight Anthem! It’s always cool to hear directly from artists about their creative process, especially when they are rocking comfy Jetty flannels (Alex @ 2:26) while doing so!

Chesa Peaks

Jetty Team Riders John Streit & Shaun Devine have a seemingly never ending source of gems for our content bank! With John recovering from a knee injury, he’s contributed a ton in the writing/photo department as of late. Check out Chesa Peaks, another great story of adventure from our boys! Additionally, check out a little photo archive of their recent missions, enjoy!


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“Little Surfer Girl” by The Yetis

We can’t wait for you to hear The Yetis! Hailing from Allentown, PA, the quartet writes sunny little rock songs that make us wish it wasn’t 20 degrees outside. On first listen, we couldn’t help but think of influencers like The Shins and Beach Boys. Check out the single, Little Surfer Girl and tell us who you think they sound like!

DYOL: Killington, VT

The same page gang recently drew their own line up to Killington, VT during Winter Storm Juno. Despite not getting fully dumped on, we did enjoy three days of very fun conditions and an empty mountain! The idea of Jetty was hatched 12 years ago on a snowboard trip to VT, so it will forever be a special place for us to escape to. Jetty Hall of Famr’s Matt Higgins & Jon Coen joined us after we decided to jet from Jersey to beat the storm. Although the weather didn’t hold true to the original forecast, we could not have had a better time stepping outside of our daily operation, road trippin’, brainstorming about Jetty’s next 12 years, and shredding the pow. We can only hope that your DYOL adventures are filled with as much laughter and lovely board-riding!

Special Thanks to Kevin Flynn for welcoming us to town!