“Palace” by Wild Beasts

This week we’re featuring music from Wild Beasts! Following a lengthy period supporting their last record, the Kendal, England quartet decided to take a break from working with their long-time producer, opting to work with a fresh set of ears. They released their fourth record, Present Tense, last winter to critical and fan acclaim, and are now nearly a year into promoting it. Their newest single, Palace, with its haunting melody and subtle beat is paired with a video that’s intended to seem like a psychological experiment for not only viewers, but the band as well. The members had no idea what they would be seeing until it was revealed to them on set with their reactions filmed totally in the moment. The payoff is a finished work that is as beautiful as it is odd. Check out their video for Palace!

Announcing Afton Gaspar

We’re stoked to introduce our newest Skate Team affiliate from the Southeast, Afton Gaspar! This young shredder has been tearing up the Virginia Beach region for a minute now…look out for his Official Team Page coming soon! Welcome aboard!

Afton Gaspar Tail Drop by Blake Crocker

Blake Crocker - Tail Drop

A Nor’easter + Some Nags Head Nuggets

Jetty Team Riders Keaton Fortney & John Streit recently checked in with some East Coast updates! Keaton had a nice, belated birthday present (October 28th) this past weekend with our first Nor’easter of the season. Photog Jim Givas said that Keaton was the busiest one in the water nabbing bombs! Further South, John Streit was testing out a new Valaric 6’2″ twin pin with photog Colin Breland!

by Givas



by Colin Breland 1

by Colin Breland 2

The Golden State by JC

Check out Jetty Hall of Fam’r Jon Coen‘s most recent article on regional marketing, The Golden State over at 2one5 Creative Inc. The article also contains some cool perspective from Jetty Hall of Fam’r Nick Zegel who is back on board with a T-shirt design in our upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 line!