Goodwin NE Blah Blah

Jetty Team Rider Robbie Goodwin recently received a nice NE Blah Blah mention in ESM (March 24, Volume 24, Issue 183). Jetty CMO Cory Higgins spent a couple of days with the Goodwin’s during a recent sales trip to Florida and had nothing, but great things to say. You can bet that Robbie will be a focal point of our surf squad for years to come!

ESM NE blah Blah

Atlantic Oil Drilling

Offshore oil drilling in the Atlantic ocean is becoming a reality, and we’re urging you to be informed! Our marine environment, coastal economy and the risk of a catastrophic oil spill are major topics of concern. The Surfrider Foundation was able to force the addition of one more hearing at the Sheraton (Atlantic City, NJ) on March 18, 2015 from 3-7pm ~ Check out the Facebook event here.

Here are a couple of articles to help you form/voice your own opinion…

Off-shore drilling debate pits economy vs. environment

New drilling proposed in the Atlantic: Time to speak out!

Directly comment on the issues to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)

Write your elected leader


Jamie’s Level Head

Jetty Team Rider Jamie Contreras slipped out of the office, and into a few barrels last weekend! Balancing the blue collar reality with whatever it is that you are passionate about is something that we hold in the highest regard. Lucky for James, his cousin Bri Coleman was on the beach behind the lens to capture a couple of NJ gems!




Metropia Skate Demos

Metropia Skateboards is simply doing it for the love! Starting a small business, especially in our cutthroat action sports industry, definitely requires passion and perseverance! Check out Jetty Team Riders Joey Marrone & Ronnie Gordon getting back to the roots of it all during Metropia’s recent demo run. Thanks to Nick Treddinick for the photos!

joey back over crook insta ready-0766-blog

ronnie sal flip-0770-blog

“Let It Happen” by Tame Impala

There’s been rumblings that Tame Impala have a new record coming out sometime this year. With a new song released last week and a ton of tour dates announced, it’s good to see the band giving their fans a much needed fix. Check out the new track Let It Happen!