South Florida Support

Jetty Team Rider Kyle Alvare has been holding it down for us in South Florida! As we spread the love down South, it is always nice to see our retailers returning the favor as 2nd Street Surf Shop has done with their ad in The Atlantic Current! Here’s a splashed lens shot from Kyle from a mission up to Sebastian Inlet just before Hurricane Bertha



FireShot Screen Capture #266 - 'ISSUU - The Atlantic Current - Issue 11 by The Atlantic Current' - issuu_com_theatlanticcurrent_docs_final_tac_issue_11_88bb95cf2acd18_0

Sovereign Summer

Here photog Ryan Halbe drops another great shot on us of Jetty Team Rider Joel Morgenweck. There’s a lot of negative surrounding Atlantic City, but thankfully regional skateboarders like Joel put their time into positive, athletic hobbies and there is support from groups like Skate AC who continually reinforce that vibe by focusing on events & community!

by Ryan Halbe - Sovereign Kickflip

Gaslight x JTY

It’s no secret that we are big fans of The Gaslight Anthem! With their recent release of Get Hurt, fans can catch them on tour as well as in big spots such as the Late Show with David Letterman. What is a bit of a secret is that they apparently dig our wears, and as fellow Jersey natives, we cannot be more stoked to represent the East Coast!

Alex Levine of The Gaslight Anthem rocking the Static Zip & East Coast T




“Nothing To It” by the New Basement Tapes

What would you do if you found a box of old Bob Dylan lyrics that needed some music put behind them? You’d probably call up some of music’s best to lend a hand. This week we’re featuring The New Basement Tapes, a project featuring Elvis Costello, Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes), Marcus Mumford (Mumford & Sons), Rhiannon Giddens (Carolina Chocolate Drops), and legendary producer T Bone Burnett who recorded 40 songs from Dylan’s lyrics, which he wrote at age 26. Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes drops November 11th. Until then, check out their awesome first single, Nothing To It. Oh, and don’t worry, all you music purists, Dylan gave his blessing!