Canals Engaged!

Jetty Team Rider Gabby Canals recently got engaged to his sweetheart Hailey! Since Canals joined our family this Fall, he has been quite impressive, and just as much in the water as out of it (we’re sure Hailey agrees)! We’re stoked for our PR ripper who is home for the Winter and making the most of every day, congrats!



lip 3


Gordon’s Metropia Skateboards

Jetty Team Rider & longtime NJ skateboarder Ronnie Gordon just introduced his new brand, Metropia Skateboards. The brand pays homage to street skating at all levels and offers boards in popsicle and street directional shapes. Jetty Team Rider Joey Marrone also skates for the new brand and both of our family members can be seen in the introductory vid below, check it out!

Metropia Skateboards ~ Official Website ~ Youtube ~ @MetropiaSkateboards

“Lonely Richard” by Amen Dunes

Meet Damon McMahon and his project, Amen Dunes! This past year McMahon released his most ambitious album to date, Love. Influenced by greats like Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, and Leon Thomas, it’s a collection of songs about time, love and memory, and was created to equally satisfy McMahon’s audience as much as himself, the artist. Even though the album’s single Lonely Richard was released early this year as a sample of what was to come on his latest record, the wait for the single’s video has been absolutely worth it. Like a good movie montage, moments captured from the woods, a street fair, the projects, and New York City all add to a beautiful and psychedelic character portrait of the singer and songwriter, and most importantly support his haunting tune. Check it out here!

The Gaslight Anthem gets Dusty

The Gaslight Anthem recently dropped a Guitar Center Sessions episode on DIRECTV’s AUDIENCE channel. Check out some behind-the-scenes footage with Alex Levine rocking our Dusty Flannel and be sure to tune in for the full episode!


Jetty Team Rider John Streit caught some Carolina swell during the East Coast’s most recent cold front. With air temps in the 30’s, and the water still in the 60’s, it was quite the surreal session, but the best part may have been the sunset which closed out a fun day. Enjoy a quick series of photos from 11/18/14 courtesy of Colin Breland!