Spencer’s Monster Plans

Jetty Team Rider Spencer Bridges just announced a new sponsor in Monster Energy! He has some monster travel plans too — Costa Rica (JAN) — Hawaii (FEB) — Australia (MAR) — sounds good, right!? Here’s Spencer’s latest video edit as well, finishing up the season on Nantucket…safe travels young man!

Out to Sea || Spencer Bridges from spencer bridges on Vimeo.


Park Sessions with Kyle Wager

We welcomed Kyle Wager to the family last year and we’re stoked about our official second snow season! Check out Kyle’s new Jetty Team Rider page as well as his spot in Transworld Snowboarding’s recent Park Sessions!

‘Me, Liquor & God” by Night Beds

This week we’re featuring new music from Night Beds, the project of Nashville-based artist, Winston Yellen. For fans who know his trademark style from the record Country Sleep, it’s still very much intact, though less folky. With his new single, Me, Liquor & God, Yellen gives us a more adventurous listening experience with an obvious electronic nod. A perfect intro to his next record, it’s three and half minutes well spent. Check it out!

Alvare from Above

Jetty Team Rider Kyle Alvare reported some true blue bombs in South Florida last week! These well overhead walls might not look as large as they seem, but that’s because they were shot from the 15th floor of a beachfront highrise!



She Surfs: Donna Fortney

Women’s Surf Style Magazine (WSSM) recently featured NJ super surf mom Donna Fortney! Donna is the amazing, community-minded mother of Jetty Team Riders Cooper & Keaton Fortney, and husband of Joe (who ain’t so bad himself)! She works full time, is an ESA director and contributes so much to her boy’s affinity for surfing (as well as to the Manasquan HS Surf Team). In fact, the boys are what caused her & Joe to start surfing, which is now a main family activity. Check out this great interview (Page 112), and know that there is truly nothing like sharing the passion for surfing family-wide!

FireShot Screen Capture #028 - 'ISSUU - WSSM Womens Surf Style Magazine_ Fall_Spring 2015 by WSSM Womens Surf Style Magazine' - issuu_com_wssm_docs_wssm_full_magazine_flip