The Endless Summer turns 50!

This past Friday we celebrated our surfing community by screening The Endless Summer! Over 225 people sat completely engaged at our outdoor film event in celebrating the 50th anniversary of this classic surf film. There is a lot to be said for this ageless film which captures the spirit & foundation upon which our current surf industry is built upon. On a perfect Friday night, Imperial beers, Senor Sangria, the sounds of The Brigantines and a host of awesome raffle items donated by LBI-area surf shops made this simple event such a success! Thanks to our supportive community, we were able to raise over $3,000 for our Jetty Rock Foundation, which in addition to funds raised by Hop Sauce, will be donated to area grammar schools!

Photos courtesy of Ann Coen Photography











Marrone by Ben Hull

Jetty Team Rider Joey Marrone recently checked in with a new photo via Ben Hull. Before long we’ll be gearing up for another Focus Skateboarding Magazine ad and it looks like the Marrone/Hull combo will shine through those pages!

by Ben Hull

DeWitt to aid at Coquina Jam

We’re thrilled to bring Jetty Team Rider Jamie Dewitt up from Florida again for our 6th Annual Jetty Coquina Jam! Being one of the top female surfers on the East Coast, DeWitt will compete, but we know she is equally excited to help run the Youth Surf Clinic (immediately follows the contest)! We’ve been fortunate to have Jamie on hand for the past few Coquina Jams and it is a perfect time for her to visit her family while embracing that Summertime LBI feeling. Jetty Urchin Jimmy Ward took some recent footage from Jamie’s trip to the Outer Banks and crafted this video…enjoy!

“My Sweet Summer” by Dirty Heads

It’s no secret all of us at Jetty love Dirty Heads, and were especially stoked to have them contribute to the soundtrack for our Jetty Rock-funded documentary, Landfall. With all they do, the band isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, releasing their fourth album not even a year after their last. Check out their single My Sweet Summer from their new album, titled Sound Of Change, out now!