Hurricane Sandy Relief T-shirt

In an effort to aid those suffering from Hurricane Sandy, we’ve designed a relief t-shirt which will allow us to UNITE & REBUILD! Profits from the sales of this custom, Jetty T-shirt will go to victims of the storm who are in direct need of assistance as well as the emergency response units who risked their lives to save others. You can track how we have converted your donations into direct aid to those in need by visiting the Sandy Relief Project section of our website.

28 Comments to Hurricane Sandy Relief T-shirt

  1. Kevin Curran says:

    I will publish this link on all my social pages. I will also
    Get all my friends to buy

  2. patrice schneider says:

    tried to order 3 T’s got to the end and lost it…did i order?

  3. Jaimie says:

    How much of the $20 dollars constitutes “profits”

  4. jermdigga says:

    We will only be reducing the donations by a small number consisting of wholesale apparel cost + overhead. We will be keeping that donated figure as close to $20 as possible. We can have more specific figures as soon as the pre-sale ends! Thank you!

  5. jermdigga says:

    Patrice –

    We have no record of an order from you. Please be patient and try to order during non-peak hours, thank you!

  6. […] majority of the storm head on, and it left thousands with nothing. To help the cause, Cory designed a t-shirt geared towards promoting the relief efforts here in NJ. 100% of the profits made from these tees will go directly to those who put themselves […]

  7. Sara Huber says:

    Its so amazing to see how the people of my beloved home state have come together to help others. I will be ordering one of these for my fiancee and myself. I’m out in Kansas City now but my heart is always in NJ.

  8. Scott says:

    Sorry. Everyone else can do 100 percent, so that’s who I support. And why is your logo on this shirt? I don’t want to advertise your company.

  9. jermdigga says:

    Scott –

    We do not have the resources to donate 100% of the profits/proceeds. We’re printing thousands of shirts and have already donated in excess of $10,000 in supplies to local shelters and food banks. We’re just glad that you will support this struggle in some way, it’s a terrible time for everyone affected.

  10. mike spangler says:

    wanting to donate cash but do not need a t-shirt. How?

  11. steph says:

    what organization will the funds go to? Red Cross? Would be a good idea to add this to your page for greater transparency. But thank you for your efforts, Jetty!

  12. jermdigga says:

    We’re only taking donations via T-shirt sales. Please donate locally!


  13. jermdigga says:

    We’re helping people and emergency untis directly, please see here:


  14. jesse says:

    I love the pics & updates of the products/supplies bought for those in need of assistance!! Great to see an organization taking action and helping out in direct ways, instead of donating plain old cash. Will definitely be getting a shirt :) Keep up the fantastic work!

  15. Zach says:

    How come I can’t buy one anymore?

    It says the pre-sale runs through November 16th

  16. jermdigga says:

    Don’t go to a bookmarked page. Visit, the shirt is still there!

  17. Zach says:

    Thanks so much, jerm!

    Really dig the design and the idea of donating profits!

  18. carlo bontempi says:

    man I LOVE this design but the huge JETTY logo is so dominant it seems less than altruistic. sorry guys, appreciate the effort, taking a pass.

  19. Greg says:


    I ordered my 2 t shirts on November 3rd, and still have not received them? I was wondering when they are supposed to be in?


  20. jermdigga says:

    We are shipping orders roughly two weeks after your order date, we appreciate your patience and support!

  21. KathleenMcDonald says:

    I ordered 1 lg. & 1 xlg.waaaay over 2 wks. ago…did you get my order?
    Please fill my request if there’s still time

  22. jermdigga says:

    If you ordered a Sandy Relief T (and/or other Jetty items) during the month of November, then your order has been shipped. We apologize for the delay, but the USPS returned 12 days worth of shipments to us and demanded that we reprint the shipping labels. This caused further delay in getting late November orders to our customers. We appreciate your patience and support. Please know that your order has left our warehouse and will be delivered before the holidays.

    If you placed an order in December, then your order will be shipped by DEC 19 and will also arrive before the holidays.



  23. JeffDupp says:

    I have recently started a t-shirt company and am looking to start buying some blank shirts. I am hoping to find the thinner, “worn” looking shirts instead of brand new “normal” t-shirts. I am going to be screenprinting onto them. If anyone knows of anywhere that I can find plain, vintage distressed t-shirts please let me know.


  24. jermdigga says:

    Check out Next Level…

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