We always get inquiries for stickers…fact is, we love ’em now just as much as we did when we were little groms slappin’ ’em on our boards, binders & street signs. Last week, Finn Miller hit us up for a few…as you can see, his shred sticks will no longer be bare! Finn also sent us a photo of some street shredding! With the new website will come a special section dedicated to stickers! Send in a photo of a Jetty sticker, request some free ones or purchase some killer vinyl in an array of colors. Until we get that page done, please shoot us an email if you need a few to slap around – – and don’t hesitate to send us a photo of yourself living The Jetty Life!

Finn Miller

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  1. Kenneth Lankford says:

    Trying to get some Jetty stickers to slap around at penn state!

    Kenny Lankford
    232 E Foster Ave
    State College, Pa 16801

    Will pay for s&h if I have to

  2. Mike says:

    Can I get some free stickers plz?
    44 Shore Ave
    Manahawkin,NJ 08050


  3. Mike Kane says:


    Just wanted to say keep up the good work. Love the product!!!! Was hoping to get a few stickers for down here in AC for the summer. Spread the word around!!!!

    5307 Atlantic Avenue Apt.C/



  4. Mike Kane says:

    MIke here again

    5307 Atlantic Avenue Apt.C/ Ventnor NJ 08406

  5. Kelsey Delaney says:

    Wondering if i could get some stickers, im away at college and people keep asking me about all my jetty clothing and stickers. Looking to spread the wealth!

    5 Mowry St Providence R.I., 02908

  6. Talya Mandzych says:

    Would love if the Hurricane Sandy tshirt print was available in a sweatshirt!!!!!

  7. jermdigga says:

    We are considering that after we produce the T’s, thanks!

  8. Tara says:

    Speaking of Hurricane Relief sweatshirts, do you think the ones you would make would be crew neck or a hoodie? Just wondering since I would rather purchase that rather than a tee. In case I do end up getting a tee, can you tell me what size a small or medium is equivalent to? Thanks

  9. Sara Miller says:

    locals helping locals!! I would love to pass out stickers to spread the word for Jetty and the Hurricane Relief tshirts

  10. jermdigga says:

    Potentially down the road. We have to focus on getting the T-shirts out first

  11. BSpark says:

    Will there be any of the Jetty Vinyl Cut Stickers with the seagulls any time in the future?

  12. jermdigga says:

    We have a few at our warehouse, but we’ll be moving into new vinyl designs from here on out…

  13. Carman Scalzo says:

    Trying to get some Jetty stickers to slap on at King’s College!

    Thanks !

    Carman Scalzo
    130 N River Street
    Wilkes Barre, Pa 18711

    If needed will pay for s&h

  14. Connor Lyons says:

    Trying to get some Jetty Stickers to put up around the dorm at King’s and of course around Sea Isle City this summer! Props to Carman for showing me the brand!

    Connor Lyons
    130 N River Street
    Wilkes Barre, PA 18711

    Will pay s&h if needed

  15. Brett Moeller says:

    Just bought the Hurricane Sandy sweatshirt at Faria’s in LBI yesterday. AMAZING cause and a real comfy pull over. Will go GREAT at fall BBQ’s and after season beach sesh’s. I live up in Westchester please inbox me at brett.moeller@gmail and send me some stickers to plaster around the 914.

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